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Fueled by intuition and built with strategy, we co-create visionary brands and aligned businesses that seek impact and balance above all. 

Show us your vision and we’ll shine light on all of its beauty by building inspired brand and website designs that pull the vision into focus. 

Your expansion era is here – are you ready to bask in it all?

We believe in a blissful mix of visual creativity, strategy-backed design, and sustainable solutions – so your business can glow its brightest without burning you out.


No matter which phase of business you are currently in, we’re here to power you forward.

Design services as refreshing as the sun, as sure as stone.

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Brand Strategy 
Brand Identity
Custom Website Design
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Template Customization 
Showit Website Templates 
Art Direction
Photoshoot Direction
Social Media Design
Graphic Design
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Embody your vision and soulful essence with a stunning website that attracts and captivates – this is the transformation your business is craving. Don't wait, let's bring your unique story to life, together! And we’ll make it happen in just a week.

Brand + Website in a Week

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“I felt a little lost with my brand and identity and obviously having a website was
completely new to me. I knew exactly what I wanted, but I didn’t have an exact brand and I feel you completely met all my expectations. I do honestly feel you looked inside my mind and created exactly what I wanted, I was nervous at the start but seeing it come together was amazing, I honestly could have cried seeing the mood board you created.” - Emily, Hairdresser & Salon Owner

“I do honestly feel you looked inside my mind and created exactly what I wanted!” 

“There are so many good parts but if I had to choose one, it would be how she took my vision and brought it to life. When I first saw the vision board, I had butterflies! And then the final product, I cannot even tell you how happy it made me seeing it all come to life.” - Whitney Eve

“She took my vision and brought it to life!” 

“I had a fantastic experience! You are so thoughtful and organized, the process felt so smooth, and you have such a beautiful creative mind that I couldn't wait to see what you created each week. You care about my website like it's your own. You put a lot of thought into each piece to make sure you're giving me exactly what I want and more.” - Sylvia Sikora

“[Sun + Stone] cares about my website like it’s their own!”

Showit Website Templates

If you just started in the digital world, give yourself a website that welcomes in growth from the get-go. Our intuitive, easy-to-use Showit templates will prove to be the best business investment you’ve made so far. 

Because that is exactly what I’ve envisioned for myself. 

After spending nearly a decade in the creative world, I want to prove to other soul-led entrepreneurs that ambition and balance can coexist. 

It’s such an empowering feeling to live a business (and a life) on your own terms. In a world consumed with hustling for success, what if we choose to shed the ridiculous pressures of climbing imaginary ladders and instead set out on our own unique paths? 

Paths that bring us joy – deep, profound, unwavering joy. Because the world needs more of that. 

As for me, I choose a soft, sustainable life of freedom serving people who want the same. This studio is my chance to bring that to others – to you. 

Welcome to Sun + Stone, where visionaries reconnect with their power, bring forth beautiful brands, and carve out space to live the life they deserve. 

Cheers, Helly Jo 


I’ll always advocate for you to build your business your way.

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Jo Irving

Whitney Eve

Consider this your official invite to join our portfolio. You’re in good company with this group of embodied entrepreneurs! 

You want to create an impact - we want to do the same. 

Together, we can create a visually stunning brand rooted in who you are that connects with your people, sells your soulful services, and leaves you feeling oh so fulfilled. 

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