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Infusing beauty with purpose – in business and in life. 

We are
Sun + Stone

Our mission is to serve as a catalyst for your business, fueling your passions and propelling you toward the life you’ve imagined. 

We’re here to prove that profitable, successful, and powerful can also be soft, soulful, and sustainable. Through thoughtful branding and impactful website design, we bring your vision for alignment and expansion into focus through a warm approach and grounded processes.

At sun + Stone

Inspired by the boundless power of both




we help your business

welcome in


opportunity for

abundance, freedom & growth.

Let us show you who we are – 

Beautiful and functional design is, of course, at the centre of what we do. But what about the bits in between? As designers and as human beings, these are the principles that we believe in most. 

at our very core. 



We’re in this together. You should feel seen, heard, and understood. Your goals, values, and vision guide are partnership always. By putting your full trust in us, you’ll open the door for a cosmic collaboration.


Going beyond

Just as you do with your clients, we aim to provide unmatched support at every phase of our process. But more than that, our hope is that you leave feeling inspired, fulfilled, and aligned. It’s about more than design – it’s about claiming the life you deserve to live


Unbound beauty

Inspired by the sun’s ability to illuminate the beauty around us, we create a platform for your beauty to shine through. Every design is infused with the very essence of who you are.

Intuitive intention

We believe thoughtful design is guided by instinctive creativity. Scalable brands are deeply connected to the core of who they are and who they serve, which is why every intentional design is built upon intuition.

I’m Helly Jo and if you’ll let me, I’d love to share my story with you. 

I grew up with a creative heart. And while I never followed through on my teenage dream of a Queer Eye-inspired makeover business, I did land in art school followed by a career in fashion design.

 In theory, it was all I ever wanted. Still, something tugged at my heart saying “this isn’t for me.” But how could it not be? It was my purpose, my passion, and if I might humblebrag for just one second – I was damn good at my job. 

It wasn’t until a serious battle with my health rattled my world just enough to bring things back into focus. I was truly and wholeheartedly unfulfilled. 

Craving flexibility, freedom, and more fun in my everyday life, I searched for a way to turn my previous design experience into my own business. (Spoiler Alert: I did it!) My first logo design was priced at £80 and at the time, I felt like a million bucks. It wasn’t about the money – it was about the possibility

The possibility of working for myself, of making a profitable career out of my passion, of finally gaining what I wanted most – fulfilment. My own creative evolution wasn’t easy. I faced a world-wide pandemic, a personal financial disaster followed by an ego-crushing move back to my mum’s house, and a hefty amount of “what the fuck am I doing?” thoughts. 

But still, I relished in every moment that I spent doing a job I loved. Of connecting with women with similar dreams, ones who dared to go off path, who chased fulfilment, purpose, and freedom as much as I did – women like you. 

It’s an insane honour to play my part in your story by giving you a brand as beautiful and impactful as you are.

meet the founder

We believe we’re

Here are some things that have impacted us the most. 


Travel + freedom

shaped by how we



make sense

of the world around us

Creating community

Passion for wellness

Seeking meaning

Helly is 5/1 Emotional Projector and Taurus Sun, Libra Moon and Leo Rising! 

Having lived in 5 different countries, speaking 3 languages, and choosing a life abroad, I understand how deeply new experiences can shape our perspective.

Growing up in a pragmatic family who believed passion and profit don’t mix, embarking on a creative business endeavour left me feeling isolated. But the community of online creators is thriving – full of support, love, and empowerment. We’re so glad you’re here. 

After a near death experience, I knew that life is too short not to be lived to its fullest. Fleeing the restrictions and pressure of traditional work culture, Sun + Stone was founded on the focus of living a soft, sustainable, and beautiful life.

Fueled by intuition, our studio is obsessed with anything that gives a deeper understanding about ourselves or how we interact with the people around us. Practices like astrology and human design make us better at what we do. 

“Helly is so receptive and responsive and truly cared about my project. Helly listened and I felt I was in safe hands. Helly, will take the time to listen to you and tailor the project to your individual needs.” - Emma Fanning, Holistic Aesthetic Doctor

“Helly is so receptive and responsive and truly cared about my project.”

“What I liked the most about working with Helly is how everything was smooth and effortless. I felt deeply heard and understood. Helly held such a beautiful space for me to fully express myself and then she captured it and translated it into a brand and website.” - Kaouthar Trojette, Empowerment Coach

“I felt deeply heard and understood.”

We are

Sun + Stone

It’s only fitting that our name reflects the balanced dichotomies our brand was built upon - more and less, intuition and research, creativity and strategy, freedom and structure.

Every creative direction is fueled by intuition. Like the sun, we aim to bring warm inspiration, sustainability, and expansion to your business. 

While our designs are built with strategy. Like stone, we offer support, confidence, and structure to your vision. 

We believe that the most impactful brands allow for creativity and structure to seamlessly coexist. Alone, each element serves its purpose. But together? It’s how empires are built. 

We are of sun and of stone – and so are the brands we co-create. 

Behind the name

Now that you know more about our story, 
we think it’s time to share yours.

From the big moments of impact to the itty bitty details that make up who you are, we’re here to wrap them up in design infused beauty and purpose. Think we’re the right web design studio for you? 

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