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Welcome to a new era for your growing business. 

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Alignment, abundance, and expansion sit just beyond the horizon. But first, you’ve got to shed the layers of your business that no longer serve you.

Because you’ve outgrown them, haven’t you? 

So leave the remnants of your old brand and website on the shore. Jump into our studio, where we’ll build the brand and web designs worthy of who you’re becoming. 

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Fullest potential?

As your business steps into its next level, there is no longer room for feelings of inconsistency or confusion. It’s time to build a brand as sturdy as stone.

This high-level collaboration fuses together creativity, purpose, and beauty to craft a brand bursting with personality and share your one-of-a-kind story, all while conveying the incredible impact you aim to create.  

Reconnect to your core, refocus your vision, and emerge with a stunning and strategic brand identity that supports you as you grow so that you can always be reaching toward your fullest potential.

Brand Identity

4 weeks


Your era of expansion needs a digital home to support you as you grow, expand, and step into your next level. 

For each transformative offer you create, every bit of expertise you put into the world, and for all of your future endeavours, your website is there to serve you at each phase of your business’s evolution.

Our custom Showit website designs harness the power of when creativity is fused with function – leaving you with a stunning, impactful website worthy of a go-to brand. 

Custom Web Design

5 weeks


This uniquely expedited service pairs fresh-for-you branding with our expertly crafted Showit website templates, which provide a time-saving head start on the foundation of your website. 

By day five, you’ll have fully planted your presence in the online space and the platform your brand needs to grow. 

Brand + Web in a week

1 weeks


What we do

Brand Strategy 
Brand Identity
Custom Website Design
Website Development
Template Customization 
Showit Website Templates 
Art Direction
Photoshoot Direction
Social Media Design

“I really didn't expect to gain everything I did from just one person/company. You helped me to come out of the shadows in my business - to be seen and to extract ideas that have been so stuck! Throughout the project I was continually impressed with your business processes and project management, so much so you've inspired me to improve my own!” - Anna Lippett, Holistic Interior Designer

“You helped me to come out of the shadows of my business!”

“I felt like my branding needed to be taken to the next level and made to feel more premium and updated. Working with you was a real pleasure, the whole process was really well laid out and made for a real clean transition. I loved what you created for me and the way you structured the whole process and displayed all the collaterals. I definitely feel like I now have a clearer consistent brand vision that reflects the feel and look of my business.” - Katie England, Facialist

“I now have a clearer consistent brand vision that reflects the feel and look of my business.”

“I would always rather spend more on a true professional and Helly Jo did not disappoint! Worth every penny and more. She has created 2 brands for me & a website and I couldn’t be happier! Both brands and the website you designed for me are absolutely perfect. It made my life SO MUCH EASIER! Really enjoyed working with a true creative. ” - Jo Irving, Success Coach

“It made my life SO MUCH EASIER!” 

Flowers + Stories


Segment AD

Jo Irving

Whitney Eve

Consider this your official invite to join our portfolio. You’re in good company with this group of embodied entrepreneurs! 

Why choose Sun + Stone

Here’s what we’re bringing to the table (don’t worry, we’ve saved you a seat!) 

Our websites are exclusively designed in ShowIt, an industry leading platform that allows for your impactful services to be showcased in a user-friendly, visually stunning website – on both desktop and mobile. Added bonus: ShowIt is SEO approved, meaning we have the tools to make sure it’s findable! 

Top website hosting Platform


We are absolutely tooting our own horn when we say we’ve got a knack for extracting the vision from your mind and turning it into something extraordinary. Developing a unique + interesting creative direction is kinda our thing! 



We ditched the corporate grind for a reason, yeah? So while we’re professionals at the end of the day, we like to bring a relaxed, let’s be friends approach to our client communication and build real relationships. (And our projects are better because of it!)

Laid-back energy


From our in-depth questionnaires to insightful training videos, you can trust that we’ve perfected our systems and processes to bring you a top-notch, smooth project from start to finish, making our collaboration a stress-free experience. 



We’re entrepreneurs ourselves, so we know what it feels like to make big, exciting investments for our business in order to grow. That’s why we offer a range of design services to fit every need, budget, and timelines – accessibility is important to us! (Plus worry-free payment plans!)



Frequently Asked Questions

What platform do you design on?

We exclusively design Showit websites. Based on our experience, this website hosting platform is the most user-friendly and cohesive option for our clients. Trust us on this one, you won’t go back after using ShowIt!

Do you offer custom packages?

We know that every business is different and has unique needs. While we offer the brand and web design packages listed above, we are also happy to customise your project! Just head to the contact page and tell us about your vision – we can’t wait to hear all about it! 

Do you offer payment plans?

Of course! Accessibility is important to us and we want every spirit-driven business owner to feel their brand embodies who they are. We offer flexible payment plans for every investment with no hesitation or judgement! 

How do I know if a custom project is right for me?

If you’re looking for a strategically built, beautifully crafted website that fully meets the needs of your business and provides a platform to grow your brand – this is for you. However, we do offer DIY templates and template customization through our Brand + Website in a Week to meet all experience levels and budgets. (more deets on that below!)

Do you offer just a logo?

The short answer is no. 
We believe that a logo only represents a fraction of your brand's identity. Our focus is on delivering holistic branding solutions that encompass your brand's values and vision. We aim to create a comprehensive and harmonious brand identity that connects with your audience across all platforms. While logos are important, our services extend far beyond to ensure your brand's lasting impact.

You’ve already put in the hard work, let us be the spark your business needs to ignite into an industry leading brand.

Your new stunning brand design and conversion-focused website partner together to act as a catalyst for your business – joining forces to attract your people, stop their scroll, and empower them to take action. 

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