May 5, 2021

How to build a conscious business?

I know, I know conscious business feels like a buzz word thrown around to make people feel good in their buying decision.

Now you may be wondering, what the fuck does that even mean to have a conscious business? 馃
A conscious business is defined by a purpose & a mission that goes beyond the numbers. This is why you exist, this is what drives you. In everything you do, you are conscious about your actions and reactions to the world we exist in.

Ok cool but what does that looks like in your business?

1. Define your values and what you stand for.

This is an important step to determine your brand鈥檚 identity, message and personality. This is the core of it all that will help you and your business in the decision making process.

2. Take action.

Although defining values is great, living up to them is better. How do you and your business embody and its commitment to those values? How are you going to show up each day to make sure the actions you take in your business align to them?

3. Cultivate collaborations based on your values.

This shows that you are fully walking the walk. It also helps you compliment your strengths and build trust with your community. Plus finding people that believe in what you believe in will be critical at every decision point in your business journey.

Overall studies have shown that creating a conscious business means more innovation, better customer loyalty + connection, and as a bonus, increased revenue 馃槒

Now it’s time to re evaluate your values, see if they align and ask yourself how you can show that commitment in your business?

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